200 series

This is stationary equipment. Parts are brought to the unit for processing.

Idea for:
• Coating removal for large parts
• Surface rust removal
• Selective stripping
• Surface cleaning

• Metal parts
• Some plastics

• Low volume processing
• Small/Medium size parts under 1500 mm
• Surface treatment and inspection

Operator station:
• Programming via touch screen
• Teach-in or data import
• Semi or full automated

• Direct axes-control
• Easy semi-automatic programming
• Single pieces, small batch sizes

Major components:
• Sealed laser
• Laser chiller
• Optics
• Extraction system
• Optional surface inspection module
• Optional contour-following module

• 500 kg weight (approximately)
• Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 1200 x 1500 x 1800

Positioning axes:
• Removable doors for long parts
Rotary axis with tilting mechanism
Configuration of travel in x-y-z axes is customizable
• 500 kg loading capacity


Besnovo's commitment to research and development in finding a new, better, safer and greener method of removing coatings has led to success that is now implemented across our entire product line.